Who Are Our Experts?


Advanced analytics specialists run our bet labs, spending hours everyday compiling relevant data to be inputted into our betting systems.


Former sportsbook managers who have an intricate understanding of public betting lines, percentages, movements and trends.


Sports gurus. Proven profit machines. Our expert handicappers use their decades of sports knowledge to collaborate with our new-age analytics specialists in picking winners.


Return on investment specialists. Our money managers have experience in other areas of investing and now specialize in converting reckless gamblers into successful sports investors.


Hours of daily statistical research and data compilation fuel our proven successful betting systems.


Disciplined money management providing steady bankroll growth and return on investments.


Predictive simulation software not available to the general public.


Sports betting oriented content: updates, statistics, trends, and data visualization.


"I've been a member with EBN for roughly two years now and possess close to a decade of amateur sports investment experience. I have utilized countless formulas and betting systems, and have invested countless hours of my personal time into statistical data analysis and research, all in the pursuit of making a profit gambling."

"Having spent almost an entire decade as a recreational gambler, you can take my word for it when I say this service is 100% legit. It is hands down the only genuine sports investment firm I have ever come across, which is backed by enormous data caches and research. Their team is dedicated to making consistent, sustainable profit. This is what they do for a living."

"EBN's service is a daily grinder system, which requires steadfast discipline in order to achieve your financial goals. If their unit system is followed meticulously, without deviation, you will consistently churn annual profit."

"Over the past two years, I have observed first-hand how lucrative their investment system is, beating RRSPs and ETFs combined. Their system consistently outperforms even the most prolific stock investors, regularly posting between 20% to 50% annual returns. You are almost guaranteed to earn a higher ROI with EBN than any other long-term investment option currently available."

"Thank you!"
- Steve D

"If you are searching for an honest testimonial this is it. I've been working with Expert Betting Network on and off for over 2 years. Here's what I can tell you. They are a first class organization that treat your money like their money. They are very detailed and have extensive knowledge on teams and players that I've never heard of and I'm extremely knowledgeable on the roster of all sports. Expert Betting Network loves to find the howling underdog. They do it very well. If you are looking for a baseball or hockey info- look no further. They will make you money. Stick to the picks daily- don't take a day off because you think they underdogs won't win- trust me they know how to find really interesting underdog games!"

- Peter S

"I would like to thank Expert Picks for excellent selection of professionally analyzed picks. It's a great pleasure to have a consistent profits with you guys."

"Best Regards,"
- Vadim

"I've tried a number of handicapping services over the last two years. With Expert Betting Network, I appreciate the analysis they provide and steady returns. Like any services, they too have ups and downs, but overall my bankroll has grown over the past year following them. Remember, it's a marathon not a sprint."

"Thank you,"
- Jason G.