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Lock Of The Season – Using Early Intel To Capitalize On Betting Odds

February 26, 2017

Sharks Dominate A Decimated Canucks Lineup In The Lock Of The Season

Early Friday afternoon, news was released that the Vancouver Canucks were undergoing a medical issue; the mumps had infiltrated their locker room and 5 players, including 3 top defenseman, and their second line centre had confirmed symptoms.

At this point, it was an early media release, and the betting public and the sportsbooks had yet to catch on. We jumped on this immediately and locked in a large bet on the Sharks at -156, a significant advantageous betting line considering one of the Western Conference’s best team was about to face off against a team that more resembled the AHL Utica Comets.

As soon as we heard this news, we sent out an email to clients urging them to get in early before this line skyrockets into negative value:

Simple reasoning for this Saturday night bet that we want to get in on early. Vancouver has a medical situation ongoing: 

Troy Stecher is the only player currently with a confirmed diagnosis. Tryamkin, Granlund, Tanev, Chaput all have been found to have positive symptons. 

You probably remember 2014 when Sidney Crosby and a number of full dressing rooms were seriously affected by the mumps. This breakout will be taken very seriously, Vancouver medical officials were on scene today at the Rogers Centre.


Stecher will not play. We seriously doubt the other 4 will play either, considering positive symptoms have been shown. When this is officially announced tomorrow we expect the odds to spike San Jose's way. We can get it now at -159, which we are considering extremely opportunistic. 


Also not practicing today because of unrelated injuries was Gudbranson, Baertschi, Rodin, Dorsett, Skille. 

Both teams are coming off their bye weeks where teams are 4-12-4 in that game. The Canucks roster is going to be a graveyard tomorrow. Look for the Sharks who beat them 4-1 earlier this month to take care of business against a team which should much more resemble Utica (AHL) than Vancouver.