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October 2, 2019

Welcome to the official launch of our 2019-2020 NHL System regular season plays. We were able to dabble in pre-season identifying some favorable lineups and turned a +6.84 unit profit (see below). This is a nice little head start as we proceed into the regular season. Expert Betting Network (EBN) was founded off of our NHL System success. We acquire new data sets each year and are always looking to improve our ROI (Return On Investment) percentages. Here is to another extremely successful NHL season and we appreciate our loyal subscribers for joining us for another season. 


Full write-ups and analysis accompanied with visuals will be available shortly. Kindly just give us some time to accumulate data as the infancy of the season progresses. Happy to announce you will notice a significant upgrade in content this season. We will be constantly upgrading our EBN rankings (overall rankings), TOFI (Total Offensive Index) rankings, TODI (Total Defensive Index) rankings, as well as visualizing to you notable areas teams are succeeded or struggling. Best of luck this season!


Pre-Season Results -